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12 Volt Products & Accessories
A selection of 12 volt items and accessories for the home and on the road.  
Whether you are a trucker, boater, a recreational vehicle owner, camper, or the occasional vacation traveler,
we have a unique selection of items that will enhance your activities and travel experience.


PKC0CF - Work Zone1200W

Power Inverter Kit

PKC0AX - Work Zone2000 Watt
Mobile Power Outlet

PKC0AW - Work Zone3000 Watt
Mobile Power Outlet

PKCM04 - 400 Watt Mobile Power Outlet

PKCM08 - 800 Watt Mobile Power Outlet

PKCM12 - 1200 Watt Mobile Power Outlet

PKC0RG - Back-Up Rear View Mirror
with 3.5" Backup Camera

PKC01CB - 900 Lumens Corded Spotlight

PKC01MB - 1 Million Candle Power
Rechargeable Spotlight

PKC02MB - 2.5 Million Candle Power
Rechargeable Spotlight

PKC05MB - 5 Million Candle Power
Rechargeable Spotlight

PKC03WM - 3W LED Marine Rechargeable Spotlight

PKC0TV - 3 Watt LED Light with Grip Handle
- Rechargeable

PKCOTR - Rechargeable 30 LED Worklight

PKCORB - 3.5" Back-Up Camera

PKC0BU4 - 4.3" Back-Up Camera Kit

PKC0BU7 - 7" Back-Up Camera Kit

PKCOBM - 150 Watt Power Cup Inverter

PKC0J7 - 750 Peak amp Jump Starter

PKC0P6 - 600 Peak Amp Jump Starter
with Inflator

PKCOAZ-04 - 900 Peak Amp Jump Starter

PKC0J6 - 600 Peak Amp Jump Starter

PKCOJN - 12-Volt 9 Can Cooler/Warmer

PKCOJH - 12-Volt Clip-On Fan

PKC0TS - 12-Volt LED Magnetic Work Light

PKC0AM - 12-Volt 100 Watt Power Inverter
with Swivel Neck

PKC0BO - 400 Watt Tailgate Inverter

PKC0C1 - 1.5 Amp 12-Volt Linear
Battery Charger/Maintainer

PKC0C6 - 2/6 Amp 12-Volt Battery Charger

PKC0C50 - 2/10/50 Amp Battery Charger

PKC0C75 - 2/12/75 Amp Battery Charger
with Engine Start

PKC0C100 - 2/15/100 Amp Battery Charger
with Engine Start

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Does not apply to Discontinued, Closeout, Special / Sale Price items and items listed over $100.00
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